Game assignment;

To create a casual PC or console game using the Unity engine.



This is a team based, fast-paced multiplayer shooter with strategy. The main idea is that you pick a team of two, choose between 3 hovercrafts and assign a team leader. Then the Strategy stage begins, here the team leader will set up the teams’ base structure along with canons to protect the base. When both teams are finished, the game begins. The teams will here find the bomb and take it to the enemy base, place it and guard it from the enemy-team from detonation until it explodes. First to three hits on the opposite team wins.

To spice it all up, the teams can shoot down each other and steal the bomb, as well as just messing with your opponents.  Around the field there are also spawning different boosts and refills, such as speed boost and firepower boosts as well as health and special ammo refill, that can aid you and make the little difference you need to take down your enemies.

Softwares used;

24317   Autodesk Maya

Photoshop-CS6-Icon   Adobe Photoshop

Unity_Logo   Unity


  • PC-development
  • 2 designers
  • 4 artists
  • 4 weeks development time

My Responsibilities;

  • -3D props and vegetation
  • -Texturing of props and vegetation
  • - Concepting
  • -Finding and making sounds and the computer voice
  • -Project coordinator


to come


Artistic direction;

The main inspiration was Team fortress 2 due to its characters having such distinct looks and extreme silhouettes that easily differs one from another. This giving the player the feeling of a greater variety of the characters as well for being able to identify what type of character (on our chase vehicle) your opponent plays as and can therefore change your strategy accordingly.
We also chose to take inspiration from the Borderlands genre; with its cartoony and cellshaded approach and bright and clear colors, both because  we all loved its looks and if fit our game type.


Some of my work;


Some of the lowpoly vegetation, concepted, modeled and textured.



Props concepted and textured by me, engine modeled by me, rest collaborated work with group member.


Base Entrance

Some photos from the game;