The Assignment:

To create a fast-paced, casual, free-to-play game for Windows Surface 2 tablet, using the Unity engine.

  • Animation: Isabell Sarstedt
  • Rigging: Peter Jemstedt
  • Character art: Kaj Westerlund Inazawa
  • Environment art: Kaj Westerlund Inazawa, Peter Zippert and Peter Jemstedt
  • Programming and game design: Per Kamfjord and Oskar Götberg
  • VFX/particles: Kaj Westerlund Inazawa and Per Kamfjord





An epic story about a child and it’s faithful magical companion. Travel the world, fight your enemies, gain experience and unlock the meaning of true  friendship.

Softwares used:

24317   Autodesk Maya

Photoshop-CS6-Icon   Adobe Photoshop

Unity_Logo   Unity


  • PC-development
  • 2 designers
  • 4 artists
  • 7 weeks development time


We had a very functional and strict pipeline when it came to character developement during the production. We were three people on the job with a one week only policy per character, one person modeling, one person rigging and me animating. This way, along with constant communication and optimising the rigs and animations, we kept schedule and continued to work effectively. Due to great collaboration I were able to animate more moves and attacks than what the game designers had time to implement in the game. Hence, unfortunately all the animations created was not used. Throughout the project, I also took on the role as project coordinator, keeping everyone up to date with what artists and designers had done and what had to be done so nothing would be forgotten.

Artistic direction:

The main insspiration source was the game The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, for both character design as well as for texture style. The enemies we wanted to be cartoony and cute-ish but yet creepy, a feeling and inspiration we got from movies such as Labyrinth. We went for a broad world that would invite adventure to a childs mind, which was ment to be developed further into several levels with different nature and dungeon types.

My Responsibilities:

  • Sole animator of  4 characters
  • Project coordinator
  • Finding/ creating various sounds