The showreel will be updated with further content after the release of A Way Out.




Welcome to my site! I am a 28 year old 3D Animator, with main focus on character and creature animations in games. Currently, I am employed at Hazelight Studios, working on the title ”A Way Out”. Even though I will continue to work with Hazelight studios after it’s release, I am open to new game project suggestions leading to greater experiences and new adventures. The showreel will be updated with further content after the release of A Way Out, feel free to of what I have contributed with in the existing trailers. All the current content was animated by me in Autodesk Maya. If you like what you see, please continue to look through my portfolio and feel free to contact me. I am looking forward to hear from you!

My resume:


Tools and Experience

My main software for working with Animations the previous 3 years has been Autodesk’s Motionbuilder combined with inhouse addons and setups.

My animations in my latest project had been used in the Unreal Engine.

I have been working with Maya for many years in my studies.

Maya has previously been my main tool for producing animations both during game projects and for personal animation projects.

I see myself as an avid gamer. Owning most of the classic game systems that have been released since the late 80ies.

I’ve also got a really expansive Zelda collection going.

I love Videogames.